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Hampton Roads Public Schools

hampton roads public schoolsWith outstanding programs known to help students excel, Hampton Roads public school have a state wide reputation and many families look forward to relocating to the area. Each municipality governs their individual school boards, but you can be certain to find not only a school near your home, but also programs tailored to your child’s needs.

There’s more to the schools than just a standard curriculum: specialized schools focus on the arts, technology, English as a second language, and International Baccalaureate programs, to name a few.

If you need more details, visit the school board website for your area. You’ll find info on registration dates, schools zones, and programs.

The school divisions in the Hampton Roads district are:

  • Virginia Beach City Public Schools
  • Chesapeake Public Schools
  • Norfolk Public Schools
  • Suffolk Public Schools
  • Portsmouth Public Schools

Interested in find a home near a certain school? Contact the PerfectHouse team. Our expertise of local schools and neighborhoods will put you one step closer towards finding a home.

Home Instruction in Hampton Roads

Home schooling comes in a variety of forms in Virginia, with some parents and students opting to carry out a curriculum at home, and other completing correspondence courses. In fact, many students attend one or two classes at the local schools. For extracurricular activities, home schooled students can participate in local groups.

Military Families

With a strong community of military families in Hampton Roads, it comes as no surprise that the school systems strive to provide every resource for service member parents and their children. Each school district has designated programs design to make transitions for military families as seamless as possible, whether that means welcoming a new student, offering tutoring, or community participation. With family engagement specialists and Military Family life counselors on staff, the schools in the area are well equipped to help all students make the best of their education.

Do you still have questions regarding schools in the Hampton Roads area? Reach out to us with your home needs and we’ll be happy to help.