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Offers & Contracts: Selling Your Home With A Hampton Roads REALTOR®

hampton roads realtorYou’ve listed your home, cleaned up the front entrance, and gotten it ready for many showings. Congratulations! You now have an offer on your home. So what’s the next step?

This is where the huge experience of your PerfectHouse team REALTOR® really gets you money; the negotiations.

Lean towards someone with pre-qualified funding. While being pre-qualified doesn’t guarantee that the funding will hold up, it’s less risky overall. The hope is that it will streamline the process and knock down the chances of the deal falling through.

Before you call the movers, you’ll need to cover the essential steps of the negotiations and finalize the contract. What goes into a real estate contract depends greatly on current market conditions, the house itself, and the circumstances of the buyer and the seller. Standard usually doesn’t cut it. Your PerfectHouse team REALTOR® will really take a load off your shoulders. Depending on the buyer’s concessions, you’ll need to go back and forth and settle on certain terms.

The buyer will undoubtedly want to have a home inspection and a appraisal will be done. The home inspection highlights any major problems, while the appraisal is required by the lender. The inspection in particular is a best practice for any buyer, because they’ll want to know about any repairs they'll have to make down the line. Be prepared that the buyer may come to you with a list of requested repairs or even a lower offer price based on the inspection. Your REALTOR® will help avoid this by making suggestions before you even market the home.

Once it’s all said and done, you and your buyer can move on to the closing. Usually about 24 hours before the possession date, the buyer will do a final walk through. They’ll check that all of the agreed upon repair conditions were met and that the house is in the same state as when they made the negotiations. On the day of closing, you’ll be ironing out the fine details with the buyer and your respective REALTORS®, and handing over the keys!

Sell your house with the PerfectHouse Team. Get in touch with us today and we’ll answer your questions!