Your PerfectHouse Spring Checklist

Spring has sprung here in Hampton Roads, and our homes took a beating this winter. Spring is all about renewal, and your house needs some TLC after all the snow and ice.  The PerfectHouse Team wants to share this checklist to help you save money and avoid costly repairs as you get your homes ready for Spring.
Sure you can wait till a system fails, but "It's never a problem until its a problem."  We provide this checklist to all of our clients and share this information because it's our goal to provide value to our relationships for a lifetime.

Bring In a Pro

If you are not handy, a spring home inspection may be a good investment. You can contact the same inspectors that inspect homes for local real estate sales. Some even offer an annual inspection contract or lower pricing for these checkups. We recommend an ASHI Certified Inspector that is equipped with moisture meters and digital camera technology.  Call your Realtor, they are a great source for reputable service providers.
Clean Gutters and Re-secure Loose Downspout Fittings 
  • Spring bring Showers and its important to move that water away from the foundation of your home.  

  • Check the "Fall" to ensure water flows and dips and sags have not created a stoppage. 

  • Clear all debris. Gutters are where many spiders breed so have a pest company spray to reduce their numbers. 

Complete Roof Check

  • Have your roof checked for curling or cracked shingles. Replace cracked shingles. Curling may be a symptom of inadequate ventilation which will shorten the life of your roof.

  • Caulk and seal all flashing, valleys and chimney joints. All nail heads and areas around vents should be sealed properly.

Service Your Heating and Air System 

This not a DIY project, bring in an experienced and well recommended HVAC repair company to inspect your system. They should do the following:

  • The furnace should be cleaned and burners inspected for holes that let CO2 into your vents. 

  • Air handler coils and electrical connections should be check and cleaned. This improves air flow and saves money.

  • Compressors should be inspected and tested for proper coolant levels and pressures. 

Get a Chimney Check Up

  • Hire a Chimney expert to sweep and thoroughly inspect your fireplace, flue, and chimney cap and mortar crown. Cracks should be properly sealed or firebox panel cracks should be replaced.

Don't forget the Attic

  • Check the plywood sheathing for leak stains. Ensure all your vents are open for ventilation.

  • Rodents can chew holes in HVAC duct work and leave toxic urine and droppings in the insulation that can produce air quality issues in the home. Regular visits from an extermination company should be part of your home care plan.

  • Inspect all duct work to be sure no breaches exist and all vents are attached and taped properly.

Change All Batteries in Smoke/Fire/C02 detectors

  • Each bedroom should have a lighted C02/Smoke detector if you have an attached garage or any gas appliances/furnace or water heater. 

  • All smoke detectors should be completely replaced every 7 years. The isotope that activates loses it's strength over time. 

Landscaping Needs TLC in Spring

  • Pruning keeps trees shrubs from damaging siding and proper coverage prevents soil erosion.

  • Mulch beds help save water and prevent weeds. Check to be sure beds to not built up around the foundation and cause water to pool in the crawl space or on slab foundations, approach the level of the bottom wooden sill plate.

  • Have your soil aerated and tested.

  • Apply fertilizers, lime and or supplements as needed like pre-emergent weed prevention etc.

Seal Concrete Drives and Sidewalks 

  • Seal the driveway, power wash sidewalks and pool side aprons carefully so as not to wash away the top layer. Caulk cracks with concrete sealer/caulk.

Inspect All Exterior Brickwork

  • You may find white deposits caused by salts left behind during water evaporation. A good way to remove these safely is to dry brush in warm, dry weather to remove it. Pressure washing brick may not be the best idea. 

  • Mortar cracks can occur and should be "pointed Up" with the proper mortar and caulking products to avoid further expansion of the crack. 

  • If you find water penetration in brick, consider sealing the brick with an appropriate sealant.

Inspect All Exterior Exposed Wood, Window & Door Trim Soffit, Eaves and Facia Boards 

  • Hire a professional for siding work. All soft, breached or rotted wood should be completely replaced primed, painted and caulk where appropriate. 

  • A small rot problem becomes a big one faster than you think. 

Weatherproof Windows and Doors

  • Replace torn or frayed screens.

  • Inspect all caulk lines and replace all caulking showing signs of cracking or pulling away from the edge. 

  • Replace worn weather strip.

Termite and Moisture Inspection Under the Home

  • Have a licensed and reputable local company inspect your crawl space for proper drainage.

  • They will inspect for wood destroying insects like termites and wood bores as well as wood destroying fungus and other issues.

  • Proper ventilation and a vapor barrier will help the crawl space breath properly. 

We hope this information helps save you time and money by preventing damage to your home this Spring. This Virginia Winter was a tough one and your home needs to recover too. If you are considering a move this spring, make sure your first stop is We've built the most reliable, full MLS search tool of the Hampton Roads area just for you, at


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