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Why Sell With Us? Our Open Houses are About our Sellers Needs and Not Our Own

Posted by The PerfectHouse Team on Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 at 3:37pm.

We at The PerfectHouse tend to do things very differently - in fact you might call us weirdos.

We're okay with that.

We want to be different - to stand out from the crowd - because that's when you change an industry.

And we don't want to keep it a secret like some of our competitors.

One of the biggest ways we like to be completely and ridiculously different is in the way we open houses. 

You see most agents in the market look at an Open House as a way to make them money - and not as a way to showcase YOUR HOUSE.  We instead believe its important to do the following:

  • We invite the neighbors because honestly one of the best ways to get your house sold is for an agent not be shy and timid but to be friendly.  Your neighbors might know of someone that they want to move into the neighborhood - a PerfectHouse Open House is an ideal way for the neighbor to invite another person, who could potentially be the buyer you need.
  • We use Google Map and other GPS systems to maximize traffic to your Open House.  It's not enough to put a sign in the yard - we use upwards to 30 signs because we want people to know your home is for sale.  These signs direct people to your listing.
  • We follow up - get feedback on your home - and we can adjust the plan according to what the market dictates - but the nice thing is that these changes often are necessary because we provide a strong selling plan that outlines the steps to success.  And we work with you every step of the way
  •  We don't practice real estate by accident - we are deliberate in the way we market properties - that's why we've been in the top of the Rose & Womble sales and listings list every month this year.  But what is more important to us is making sure that your house, your investment, and your time is honored.
If you're out and about this weekend we'd love to invite you to any of our open houses.  You can visit to see what is open this weekend - or you can call 757-335-6111 and schedule a private showing of ANY property listed on the REIN MLS with one of our agents.

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