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When Choosing a Real Estate Company, What’s the Benefit of Local?

Posted by The PerfectHouse Team on Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 1:04pm.

The most important decision you make is who you will trust to guide you through this major financial life event. 
Some people give this a lot of thought and others just choose an agent they like without any research. The fact is you will hire an Agent, not a company, however choosing an agent from the wrong company can come at a cost.  
Choosing an agent with a National Network is very important but if all the focus is on the “National” part and the ownership and focus of the Company is not grounded locally then you may be losing some very important support.   
After all, the homes we are buying or selling are here where we live, in our community. Our relationships with other potential buyers or sellers, agents and service providers are also here locally where our homes are located. So while National exposure has a place, there is no substitute for a Locally Based Company that's also part of the largest National Network of homes and agents. 
Recently a large local firm announced its sale to a much larger firm based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. 
Their marketing spin will tout that this bigger regional company is better than before. Being larger for the sake of size alone very seldom equals a better experience for a buyer or a seller. Remember, as a buyer or seller you will hire 1 agent, that agent depends on their Company for training, resources and local tools of support.
Where is the community focus of a firm that is based hundreds of miles away? 
If your agent benefits from having local owners they interact with, local training specific to Hampton Roads and their firm is committed solely to your local community then you will benefit greatly.
We believe that our entire practice rests on relationships. 
The Perfecthouse Team chooses to associate with Hampton Road’s largest Locally Owned Real Estate firm, Rose & Womble Realty for a few reasons.
  • ·        Commitment to our local community
  • ·        The trusted local consumers have shown the brand for over 50 years
  • ·        Largest local market share and membership in the largest national Real Estate network
We can give our clients the advantage of Local expertise. 
Our local ownership is focused on our communities and still delivers national exposure surpassing any other franchise or network through our national network, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World
To wrap things up, we recommend that people always interview multiple agents from multiple firms. It’s ok to consider a friend or answer an ad on Zillow or Trulia but many people make their most important decision without enough information.  
The results can be catastrophic.
Consider the agent’s firm first:
·        Are they local?
·        What is their market share and reputation?
·        Can they deliver true National Exposure while staying grounded locally?
·        Does the agent have the skills and experience you need?
·        Do they have the support of a local firm and or team dedicated to exceeding your expectations?
The local support your agent gets will affect your Real Estate experience.

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