What's In A Name? Hampton Roads, The Seven Cities, Tidewater....

If you live here, you've surely heard these monikers: Hampton Roads, The Seven Cities, Tidewater.... 

... and you likely get it by now: They are referencing "Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News" and at times either Hampton and/or the northern-most areas of North Carolina.'''

If you're moving here, this collection of cities, all referred to as one area, can be daunting!

Here's a decent graphic so you can at least see where they are situated with eachother:

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For more information on the area, be sure to check out these sites:

"Where Is Tidewater Virginia?"

Residents: VirginiaBeach.Gov

Residents: CityOfChesapeake.Gov

Come Home: Norfolk.Gov

Community: PortsmouthVA.Gov

Residents: SuffolkVA.US

Residents: Newport News - NNGov.com


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