What Do You Mean, I Can't Trust Zillow???

One of the biggest names out there can tell you some tall tales... and they have a MASSIVE marketing budget that means they seem like a really trustworthy place to get information.

And because Zillow lies, we make sure our clients know to make sure information is VERIFIED through the proper channels.

Take Donna Laurens' clients, recently. Living in a particular school district was a really important wicket for them to check off on buying their Perfect House. The home they were convinced was the perfect one for them had their specified school district listed as the one for that home in particular. Awesome, right? Except we (as agents) know that Zillow LIES. They may not "mean to" but they do! The information available on such a massive database is often outdated or pulled from incorrect sources. The ONLY way to trust what school district a home is in CURRENTLY is by going to the school district's actual webpage and searching the actual address. Thus, if you know where we are going with this story... the home they had fallen IN LOVE WITH... was truly NOT in the school district they wanted. Realizing this, they had a very hard choice to make. The Perfect House or the perfect school?

They went with the perfect school! So back to the MLS search they went, to find the true home of their dreams... and this time... made sure to verify that the homes they were looking at were TRULY in the school district they wanted.

If you are interested in what a school verification search looks like, see the Virginia Beach Schools site, here: 


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