TRUTH: Companies Offer To 'Buy' Your House!

Wow! A Real Estate Company is claiming that they will buy my house if it doesn't sell in an allotted amount of time?! That sounds so great, right?! Great enough for most people to get SCAMMED by this flashy advertisement. Here at The PerfectHouse Team, we are ready to expose companies that claim to buy your property. What's the big deal you ask? Read on. 

1. They will come in under value, leaving you with less money!

2. They are "machines" with calculated timelines. They won't wait for the perfect buyer for your home like we will.

3. They don't have the same custom attention to detail that we do when selling your home.

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4. When potential buyers agents call those companies, they speak to an assistant most of the time. With us, the potential buyers agents speak to us directly and we are able to do what we can to provide the best information on your house. 


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