TRUTH: 2 Ways To Prevent Costly Mistakes As A Home Buyer


1. Not Interviewing More Than One Full Time Licensed Realtor

Yes...We even want to you interview us! Most home buyers place an enormous amount of Trust in the first total stranger that they speak to, that is scary! Many ads for homes are sponsored and the agent that responds may not have the best experience level, or they are part of a "Lead Factory" type of brokerage that only cares about how fast they can get a buyer to closing.

Shopping for your life's largest investment needs to be done right. It starts with the professional that will guide you through this complex personal and financial process. Online endorsements, personal interview, consultation, and verifiable reference should be checked.  It's important to "Like" your agent, but more important to pick a likable agent that will also earn your trust. 



2. Not  Getting Pre-approval

Pre-approval is a bank determination of how large a loan you qualify for. This gives you guidelines of what price range you should be looking in.

Can you imagine finding your perfect house and then finding out that you can't afford it?! Ouch! Before you even start the search process, check your credit report and clean everything up. Then, to make the process smoother, get together your W-2s, pay stubs, and bank and brokerage statements as well as that credit report, and get pre-approved by a qualified mortgage lender. Extra bonus! When you're ready to make an offer on a home, pre-approval will give you an edge over other offers who didn't get pre-approved!

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