Tips On How To Sell A Home With Pets

We all love our pets...or as some us like to call them..fur babies. Moving can be stressful for everyone, even your beloved pets. Additionally, there is the added stress to sell your home to home buyers and dealing with pets may add some extra unknowns. So here are some quick tips to make the process smooth and successful for everyone!

1. Talk To Your Agent About Your Pet

You and your agent have to be on the same page! Let them know you have a pet if they didn't already. This will be important for them to add to the listing information for other agents who may show the home. Your agent needs to know if your pet is friendly, when they will be home, if they will be crated, what room they will be in, etc. 

2. Talk To Your Veternarian

Your vet knows what is best for your pet and since moving will be stressful for them too, it is best to get advice from the experts! They may have some tips on how to make it a smoother transition for your pet or even give you recommendations on where to board your pet during the process.

3. Repair Any Damages/Odors

Your pet may have had some accidents on the carpet or chewed/scratched something and these damages will not be appealing to potential buyers. It is imperative that you make every effort to repair these damages prior to showings. This may just mean a thorough cleaning, but in extreme cases some damages may require replacement/repair of certain places in your home. This is also something you should discuss with your agent as it will require an investment on your part. 

4. Clean Your Yard

As pet owners (and animal lovers) we get used to tip-toeing through the yard and being aware of any potential messes left in the yard; however, a potential buyer won't exercise the same caution. You don't want their only impression of your home to be stepping in a mess left from your pet. You should clean up the yard well and even replace/treat areas that may be damaged from digging and other activities. 

5. Remove Any Signs Of Your Pet

Potential buyers may ask if you have a pet and in that case you would need to be honest. However, the goal is to make your home look/smell as pet-free as possible, so the thought doesn't even cross their mind. You will need to remove all pet toys, food, litter boxes, and bedding from plain sight.

It would be better if these items could be removed from the home altogether. Additionally, it may be less stressful for your pet and more appealing to potential buyers for your pet to relocate as well, while your home is on the market. They may be able to stay with a nearby friend or family member. Especially during showings, if possible, your pet should not be in the home. If your pet is barking the whole time from a different room it will be very distracting for the potential buyers and that is all they will remember about your home.

We hope this information is helpful as you prepare to sell your home while keeping your pets in mind. 

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