The TRUTH About Real Estate: Blog Series Introduction

Here at The Perfecthouse Team, we are very disappointed to see innocent people being taken advantage of in the real estate industry. This may be from misleading information, poor guidance from other real estate agents, or just an innocent lack of knowledge. We are here to provide the T.R.U.T.H about the real estate industry in this blog series. Please feel free to comment with any questions or topics you would like us to cover. We work for YOU! 

So let's break down what T.R.U.T.H means to us and what we are going to bring to you from this blog series.

Promoting loyalty and building lifelong relationships based on TRUST is our passion. That is why the first "T" represents trust. 

The "R" represents RELATIONSHIPS. Personal relationships are what we value. The PerfectHouse Team knows the emotional investment that is involved in real estate, and we are committed to acknowledging that emotion while guiding you through buying or selling your Hampton Roads home. As local experts with families of our own, we know how very important home really is. To us, real estate is not simply buying or selling a property. It’s about people, relationships and community.

The "U" represents UNDERSTANDING. In order to understand our clients, we actually listen to their needs and wants in order to better serve them and find them their perfect house.



The definition of THOROUGH is to "complete with regard to every detail" and that is why it represents the second "T". We don't take shortcuts, we don't mislead, we give you the information you need and ensure we are doing everything in our power to make your home buying/selling experience seamless. 



Finally, the most important, the "H" represents HONESTY. Our core values are character, integrity, quality and clear communication. You can depend on us every time, no matter what for clear advice and guidance.


That sums up our mission statement for this blog series and what you can expect from us. Stay tuned for some juicy insight on the Real Estate Industry!

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