The Real Estate Agent You Choose MATTERS

Save your friends the hassle and nightmares from the aftermath of working with "whatever agent" they found on Google!
Tell them BEFOREHAND that the real estate agent you choose MATTERS... Because it absolutely DOES.
Buying or selling home is often the LARGEST financial transaction that you will deal with in your lifetime. THAT IS A HUGE PART OF YOUR LIFE, financially and emotionally. Don't settle for the first name you see on Google, the jingle on the radio, or the business card you pulled at the Chinese restaurant on your way out with your weekly crab rangoon order (we're not judging!)... We won't knock on those big marketing budgets, but we do want people to know that the biggest names don't always get there because they did the best job. It doesn't take great reviews to get a billboard, just a good sized check.
Look beyond that jingle and flashy website.
Whether you work with us, or you work with another agent, just know that it is true:
The real estate agent you choose MATTERS.

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