The Perfect House Team..... Preparedness Tips List

Another benefit to our team? We can all have input on recommendation lists such as this!

We put it out to the team, "What kind of tips do you find to be most important, and the things that are so often overlooked?"

And here we go... each agent's answer. Hope this helps!


Pamela Laurens

  • Water for drinking is a must, so fill all available tubs with water.
  • Gather all of your non-perishables in one space to see what you have on hand.
  • Bring your trashcans indoors so they do not end up elsewhere with the high winds.
  • Take as many pictures of valuables as possible and download them to an external hard drive. Put that hard drive in a waterproof sealable plastic bag. Double bag if if is not waterproof; use duct tape if needed.

 Erin Lasseter

  •  I really like the idea of turning your cell phone into a walkie talkie if you lose cell service. There’s an app you can get that was very beneficial in South Texas when people lost power.
  • Also, fill gallon freezer bags with water, put them in freezer. Those bags of ice blocks helps keep freezer cold in event of power loss then will also provides water if needed.

Brittney London

  • Bring in your outside furniture to avoid them causing more damage to your home and other buildings. Same with any potted plants you can remove, and any pet structures that could become traveling debris!

Lane Rocks

  • A few years ago, rechargeable phone packs were pretty expensive, but you can pick them up at Target/Walmart for as low as $5, now. Consider getting a few of those and keeping them charged to use for later when there may be no power but cell service may be up. (Click here to see example)
  • On that note, be sure to check your phone and turn off any and all apps and notifications you don’t need buzzing onto your phone and thus killing your battery (do you need to know everytime someone comments on your Facebook or sends you a new SnapChat when you’re trying to conserve phone battery? Probably not.)
  • Water in the bathtub is really important… but be sure you clean the tub first, and otherwise rinse it out really well before filling it with what could be water you need to drink later.
  • Don’t laugh, but I’m a big fan of the random preparations: rope, clothes pins, safety pins, permanent marker, scissors, duct tape, bungee cords, gallon Ziploc bags, etc. Have items such as that on hand keeps me prepared for just about anything that happens…!

Bob Barnum

  • Preparation for drinking water is absolutely #1. 
  • Check to see what you have in regards to non perishable food so you know before you are scrambling in the aftermath. 
  • Be sure to start the generator in advance to insure that it is working before you actually need it to
  • Fill your car with gas and a few gas cans if you have them as well---- do not leave them in your car if you don’t have to, as the fumes will stick to the interior of the vehicle.

Charlie Laurens

  • Be early on inspecting all exterior surfaces of your home or have a contractor do so. Any breech or loose missing siding trim or shingles can open up to spell DISASTER.
  • CLEAR THE YARD... Remove Anything that can fly and become a projectile, uncover patio awnings, boats, trampolines, kiddie pools, etc.
  • Invest in a generator if you can and be prepared to lose power for more then 1 week. 60-100 gallons of gas and an oil change kit stored in proper gas cans if feasible. NEVER run or start a generator inside any structure or garage. Prolonged exposure to gasoline fumes can (and will) cause health problems.

Donna Laurens

  • Check to make sure you have your medications in a go bag. Refill prescriptions if possible in case you head out of town on evacuation orders or are otherwise unable to fill them in the following days after the storm hits. 
  • Batteries are a definite must--- check out the dollar store to get them for cheap!

Maria Kidd

  • Bring in or secure outside items in your back yard/patio such as chairs, tables and plants.
  • Reinforce doors and windows with plywood. Knowing it is hurricane season, it is wise to invest in lumber in the off season or otherwise before a storm is headed directly to you, as thousands of others will be at the hardware store too.
  • Prepare with the essentials such as the all important water, canned food (vegetables and meats), the can opener (!!!!!!), make sure you know where your flashlights are, and batteries as well.
  • But first of all follow official instructions if necessary to evacuate, leave with plenty of time.Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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