Termites or Flying Ants???

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Swarming season is almost upon us, and it can be fairly difficult for the untrained eye to make the distinction between termites and flying ants. Knowing the difference the two could potentially save a homeowner time and money, as the treatment cost for termites is roughly four times more expensive than for flying ants. This is due to termite treatments warranting a more extensive application method, and price disparity in the chemicals used to treat.

Termite swarmers have straight antennae that appear to be made of tiny beads, a broad waist, and two sets of equal length wings. 
Flying ants have elbow shaped antenna, hourglass waists, and two sets of unequal length wings. While they may look similar, flying ants are not wood destroying insects, therefore they do not pose any threat to the structural integrity of your home.

Here are a few termite swarmer prevention tips:

•Remove sources of excess moisture such as broken downspouts or leaky pipes. 
•Do not store piles of wood directly next to your home or outbuildings. 
•Make sure basements are properly vented to avoid moist and humid environments that termites thrive in. 
•Have any tree stumps removed from your property as they can become a source of termite infestations.

If you have seen what you believe to be termite swarmers at your home, it is highly recommend that you contact licensed termite control professionals as soon as possible.


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