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Olympic Crafts For Kids: Tealight Olympic Torch

Posted by The PerfectHouse Team on Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 at 11:54am.



Four 5" Squares Of Yellow And Orange Tissue Paper (4 Yellow & 4 Orange)

Toilet Paper Tube

Flameless Tea Light

Orange Cupcake Liners

Gold Paint

Paint Brush

Tacky Glue


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First paint the toilet paper tube gold and let it dry. Then glue the cupcake liner onto the top of the tube.

Cut the yellow and orange tissue paper into approximately 5″ squares – you don’t need to be exact. I cut one corner of the tissue paper off and lined that edge up with the bottom of the tea light. That way it was not hanging over the bottom of the tea light.

Apply a little glue to the edges of the tea light and layer the tissue paper around the sides. I started and layered four yellow pieces of tissue paper then reapplied the glue and layered four orange pieces of tissue paper. Let dry.

Then sit the tea light into the top of the cup. This way it is easy to take the tea light in and out of the torch making it easy to turn it off and on…saves on batteries! Win!!

Hope the kids enjoy make these Glowing Torches for the Summer Olympics or if they are more a fan of the Winter Olympics!

Photo & Content Provided By: OHMY! Creative Blog

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