Mica Burkart, Wonder-Pup

Mica is part of the Burkart family, her human-Dad is our very own Barrett Burkart! You've likely seen her in a handful of our posts in the last few years or in person at our Client Appreciation Events. She's quite the show-stopper, thus we figured it was time to tell at least some of her story:

Mica is a boxer, but that's about all they knew about her before she was adopted into the Burkart family. They estimate she was a little over a year old when she was originally brought in to a veterinary clinic in New Orleans by animal control about 8 years ago with a broken femur. That was surely a sad and scary day for Mica, full of anxiety, pain and fear. On his way to a Saint's game, Barrett stopped in to that clinic to pick up his wife, Anemone. His wife had worked with Mica that day and had taken special care of her, but by that evening as she left for the Saint's game, Mica still looked very pitiful and scared, as she only weighed 22lbs and was incredibly malnourished. 

Unable to shake the thoughts of Mica alone at the clinic over night, after the game Barrett and his wife stopped back in at the clinic to see if perhaps bringing Mica home with them for the night they would be able to get her to eat. That night was the start of a new life for Mica, as the Barrett and Anemone both fell in love with her. It didn't take long before hey decided to adopt this sweet pup into their family! Over time, Mica absolutely flourished in their home, and it's hard to remember her as the sad pup back at the New Orleans clinic. She loves the beach, any and ALL food and of course attention. 

The Burkart's relocated to Virginia Beach in 2014, and of course brought Mica along. They live out in Chick's Beach, which gives Mica all the beach time she can get her paws on! Life has been pretty good for Mica Burkart in the years since her adoption, but in 2017, Mica was diagnosed with bone cancer, which caused her left rear leg to break. Sadly, this has caused her immense pain. In an attempt to slow the cancer and give her some relief from the pain, a very special veterinarian here in Hampton Roads (Anemone Burkart!) amputated the affected leg. Mica has been a 3 legged wonder pup for approximately 6 months now, a bit slower to get around, but with the same fun attitude. Her Dad often carries her in a backpack so she doesn't miss all the fun stuff her family does. Recently, they found a really good deal on a dog "wheelchair" for her, so she's again able to "run" along with her Mom, Dad and sister (a pup named Bay) at the beach. She has gone through chemo therapy, which she finished up about a month ago! She does still have cancer, but her family has hopes for her to see another 6 months of life for this wonder-pup.

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