JUST DO IT: 5 Reasons to Schedule a Listing Consultation

There are certain times in life where you know it's time to pull the trigger on a decision. 

Those are called no-brainers.

Then there are others where you aren't so sure about which decision to make.

Those are called no-sleepers.

Listing your home could be a no-brainer, or a no-sleeper.

Are you sure? Or not sure?

Here's 5 reasons we've compiled as to why you should just go ahead and make that appointment with a Realtor (hey, preferably us!)-- whether you're sure it's time to sell your house or not.

1.) It's free. No, really. It costs nothing but your time (and maybe a glass of water if your agent looks thirsty!) to meet with a us. When something breaks in your home, isn't that the first thing you do when you're looking for a company to hire? "OK, who gives the free consultation/estimate?" 

2.) You can get answers. "Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow." That Swedish proverb hits the nail right on the head when it comes to contemplating the process of selling your home, how much to list it for, how much you would be willing to accept ("Should I pad my listing price to anticipate being low-balled?"), trying to remember details from when you bought the property previously... Meeting with an agent will help answer those questions in a manageable ebb and flow conversation sitting across a table from someone with the knowledge base you can tap into. 

3.)  You'll have questions you hadn't even thought of. Wait. That doesn't actually sound good does it? You're already drowning yourself in questions, so why would you want to have more, right? But the more questions you ask and can get those answers for, the more your understanding will go, which also creates new questions. Thus the better your knowledge bank will be on this process.

4.)  You'll find out exactly what's going on in your neighborhood, zip code and city wide home sales markets. Think the buyer for your home is just looking in your neighborhood? That's not usually the case. Generally, a buyer looks in multiple neighborhoods spanning across a certain area, thus you must take into account sales trends that are throughout the area- something our agents with the appropriate (and often impressive) market analysis will be able to explain to you.

5.) YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. No, really. We're not shooting from the hip there. It can be daunting trying to figure out if meeting with an agent will be a good use of your time, but you won't really know until you just get it scheduled and see for yourself. There's definitely a part of you that wants to just go ahead with reaching out to an agent and seeing what they have to say. Well, consider this your invitation: We want to meet with you, too!

ADDED BONUSYou will sleep better at night. Money back guarantee. OK, you've caught on that it's a free consultation, so there's no money to give back... but you get the gist. With there being a huge question in your mind, or perhaps a possibility you and your significant other are kicking around ("To sell or not to sell? That is the question!")... whatever the topic, if you were to sit down with a professional to discuss the issue (and for FREE!), it's likely to help you with some of the anxiety around the issue, which of course leads to some better sleep.

Perhaps the answer will be that now is the right time to sell your home. Or perhaps it isn't. But you'll never quite know until you take the next step and ask all of those questions swimming around- we are only a call/text/email away from sitting down with you and discussing selling your home. 

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