Home Maintenance - That Needs To Happen NOW

Alright, let's admit it, we all get a little lazy during the winter. It's cold outside and we just don't get out of the house as much. This is the PERFECT time to get some home maintenance done! We've compiled a list below of some home maintenance projects that are perfect to do during the winter! 


Clean Out Your Fridge & Freezer!

Here is how to do this efficiently and effectively... We will start with the freezer.

  1. First, you might want to grab some gloves. I know, I know, that sounds ridiculous, but trust me, you will thank me. 
  2. Next, make sure your counters are as clean as possible and free of any appliances, baskets, etc. You will need this extra space. 
  3. Now here's the fun part. Remove EVERYTHING, yes everything. Try organizing it into categories that make sense (i.e. vegetables, meats, frozen pizza, pre-made meals, etc.). Once this is done, take the opportunity to do a deep clean. 
  4. Next, grab a pen and paper and right down the categories you came up with and list the items you plan on keeping and throw away/donate the ones that have just been taking up space that you never plan on eating. This list should be easily accessible and/or visible to everyone in the home. 
  5. When you take something out to cook it, cross it off the list. This will save you money and precious freezer space! You won't buy things that you already have! 

Repeat the same process for your fridge, but depending on how much food you have, you might want to tackle this one shelf at a time. Use this opportunity to get REALLY organized...like pinterest organized. Buy labels, bins, additional shelves, etc to maximize your space and make it pretty! This same process works for your pantry! 



Remove Wasps Nests

Wasps are dormant in the winter, so removing their nests from your favorite outside spots will be much safer in the winter months than in the summer. You still want to be on guard and purchase a wasp spray just in case, but it should be much easier. At dusk, spray the nest, and then knock it down and dispose of accordingly. 




Tackle Overdue Landscaping


Alright, we are all guilty of this. Letting the mulch stray everywhere, not trimming our trees, etc. during the winter months. Gardening and landscaping don't have to just be spring and summer projects! Take advantage of the dry weather, lack of leaves, and a sunny winter day (assuming there is not fresh powder on the ground)! Sweep and contain the mulch and buy more to replace if needed. Trim those naked bush and tree branches to make them look more presentable in their leafy absence, then when spring rolls around, you will be happy with a more tamed appearance.

*Be sure to research your particular plants to ensure that the trimming you do helps the plants and does not do damage.


Go Through Your Summer Clothes

Yes! This is the time to do it! You're not wearing them currently and you can make a fun night out of it. Trying on bathing suits and cute summer outfits while drinking a "summery" adult beverage will give you warm feelings of summer joy, but will also allow you to donate items that no longer fit and/or are out of style. Beware of getting rid of clothing that is just a little snug as you might shed a couple of pounds from now until summer, but realistically, those size 3 shorts that you haven't been able to wear in 2 summers and still don't fit, they have to go. Your closet will be happy and so will you when you get to go buy new summer clothes in May! 



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