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Happy Mother's Day from The PerfectHouse Team

Posted by The PerfectHouse Team on Sunday, May 11th, 2014 at 3:31pm.

We want to thank all the moms out there - 

For being amazing . . . 

 Seriously how in the world do they act like a nurse, doctor, cook, housekeeper, driver, tutor, teacher, seamstress, organizer, manager, accountant - all while taking care of kids and sometimes dad?

For putting up with our nonsense . . . 

Do you know how many times you rolled your eyes, or pouted, or had a temper tantrum - we're all lucky that moms don't consume their young!

Seriously they only get a day? Maybe it should be Mother's Week - but then if all the moms in the United States had a week off the entire country might stop in its tracks.

 For loving us despite ourselves . . .

Grandma must have given them the markers . . . moms love despite when we cover ourselves with marker, paint, mud, dirt, poo, pee, blood, vomit, bruises from fighting with our sister and brother.  They love us even when we break things in the house, they love despite us not calling home enough.

They just love.

Moms really move the world in the right direction - just imagine a world without moms.

Yep - scary.  Super scary . . . we DON'T want to think about that anymore!

We think moms are great . . . especially the moms on our team.

Donna Laurens
Angee Kent
Kelly Gargiulo
Nan Harbour
Maria Kidd
Terese McKernan
Lane Rocks
All of you balance being amazing Realtors, advocates to our clients, and you deal with all of us.  Our team wouldn't be the same without you - so we hope that you enjoy Mother's Day.

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