Find A Summer Camp For 2016! Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, And Norfolk!

Virginia Beach Summer Camps 2016

Summer camps will fill your child's day with fun activities, games, crafts, special events and more! Make a splash at our recreation center camps or hop, skip and jump over to our convenient school-based camps. We also have plenty of specialty camps that cater to your budding athletes, nature-lovers or prospective magicians! 



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Norfolk Summer Camps 2016

No matter what peaks your child's interest, there is a summer camp for everyone! Take a peak at our sports camps, theater and acting camps, and outdoor adventure camps! 






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 Chesapeake Summer Camps 2016

The Chesapeake Parks, Recreation and Tourism Division provides after school programs and summer camps for children & youth to experience social interaction, create a safe place for youth while parents are at work, positive adult role model interaction, a sense of belonging, increase self esteem, positive peer influence and a community who values youth.



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