Exposing the Games Agents Play part 2: The Promise to Deliver a Falsely Inflated Price (But They Know It Won't Sell)

In our ongoing series, Exposing the Games Agents Play, today we're going to talk about how to deal with agents who are willing to give you everything except the truth.


There are many companies and real estate agents who run ad campaigns just to get the interview and then will take the listing at any price. The game is, they then try to the ‘work the seller’ for a price correction later. The problem with this is that while they're waiting for you to drop you price you're missing out on buyers who ignore your home because you've priced it out of the market.


We know it's flattering and exciting when you see a higher price for your home, but really think about it - do you want your real estate agent to tell you what you want to hear or would you rather be told the truth? The true way to net the Highest Dollar Amount is to know your home's value and not to overprice your home.

Agents do this because they are so desperate for the interview and listing that they’ll cost you Real Money and even delay you moving on with your life.  We believe “Trust” and “Relationships” are more important, our Sellers get all the facts and supporting data about their real estate decision - not what’s best for us. Our pricing and marketing system delivers top dollar and the highest market value every time because both are built on facts, not games or gimmicks.



Demand that the agent prove to you that they have a belief in the price range they are suggesting. If they do not bring the data with them that shows not only a Bank Value but Current Supply and Demand reports, then consider ending the interview. You should be given every listing that make up the “averages” on the reports they show you. Asking for the right information early could save you valuable time.

When we're working with our Seller clients, The PerfectHouse Team, provides an exclusive "Total Market Overview." The TMO allows us to zero in on the actual target price point buyers are writing offers in at a real time model. Competition and current demand control every market’s value from the price of gas to the value of your home.  

Bottom Line...Interview only Full Time, Experienced Realtors and ask for the full market picture.

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