Easy No-Dye Easter Eggs!

 We received inspiration for this fun project from the popular blog "One Good Thing" !

Tired of messy dye getting on your hands, your floor, and all over your house!? Here are some awesome ways to decorate Easter Eggs with your kids WITHOUT the mess!   


#1- Use Temporary Tattoos 



Temporary tattoos can be applied to your eggs just like your skin! This can be a cheap and easy way to get your Kids' favorite cartoon character on their Easter Eggs! 





#2- Metallic Tape Or Washi Tape



Use your kids' favorite color to create a cracked or mosaic design on their Easter Eggs! For this quick project, all you need is a roll of tape and a pair of scissors!





#3- Paint Markers





Sharpie paint markers are a very quick and easy way to allow your kids to express themselves by drawing on Easter Eggs! Use colored markers on white eggs or white markers on brown eggs!









#4- Craft Flowers





All it takes is glue and a few flowers from the craft store to decorate your Easter Eggs in a fun, exciting way! If flowers aren't your style, pick up some other fun cut-out shapes and glue them on!








#5- Bingo Dotters





Glitter is great for crafts, but if you want a less messy option, try using bingo dotters to create a similar look!





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