Don't Let Your Listing Be A Diamond In The Rough!

Get expert advice about how to easily finance your home to make all of the improvements or updates needed to make it a palace!

There are many homes for sale in the Hampton Roads Area that get passed over due to deferred maintenance and poor condition. Many sellers simply are not in a financial position to bring these hidden gems to top condition. 

Sadly many agents lack the experience or the will to go the extra mile and point out the possibilities that a home may possess. It is important for buyers to interview multiple agents, ask for references, and get a feel for the experience level the agent possesses. You do not want to be missing out on homes in great communities that have the potential to be better investments, than the homes offered by house flippers.

The diagram above illustrates one way buyers can easily finance their home and all of the improvements or updates needed to turn it into a palace. An experienced agent team with a knowledgeable lender can do the math up front to ensure the combination of the sales price and the costs of upgrades do not exceed the full retail value of any home.   

We hope you find this information helpful. Always remember, LOCATION is the key to a great real estate investment and when considering agents, do your homework. EXPERIENCE does not COST…IT PAYS!

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