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Creating a Red File For Your Important Documents

Posted by The PerfectHouse Team on Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 at 8:03pm.

Creating a Red File For Your Important Documents

No one likes to think about a major disaster that displaces you from your home. Yet it is important to prepare for the worse - especially because things like bills won't necessarily stop because you're in a crisis. That's why we really like this "red file" idea - one place where all your important documents are held. You should keep this in a fireproof safe as if there is a fire you need to get your family out and also because you want access to information but others should not have it.

Also, remember while many of these items can be found via the internet sometimes computers and power could be down for several days. Having these back ups can help make recovering easier.



You'll need:

  • a binder
  • clear page protectors
  • baseball card holders/CD holders

Here is a list of items you should include in your binder

  • Vital/Medical records
    • birth certificates
    • death certificates
    • marriage certificate/license
    • medical records 
    • immunization records
    • prescriptions
    • dental records
  • Identification
    • licenses, passports, visas
    • Child ID kits
    • membership cards and information
    • military records
    • voter registrations
    • adoption, custody or foster care records
    • naturalization/immigration papers
  • Finances
    • Tax Returns
    • credit reports
    • financial records
    • debts
    • stocks
    • bonds
  • Valuables
    • home inventory - on video 
    • receipts
    • serial numbers of valuable products
    • firearm licenses and serial numbers
  • Business/Employment
    • Licenses
    • Insurance
    • Records
    • Business and important client contact information
    • employee benefits records 
    • employment contracts
    • employment records
  •  Homes/Vehicles/Property
    • loan information
    • mortgage records
    • titles
    • deeds
    • lease agreement
    • automobile registration, title, bill or sale, license plate number and vin number
    • insurance polices
    • keys - home, cards, safes, business, etc
    • property tax records
  • Education
    • degrees
    • transcripts
  • Legal
    • contracts
    • court documents
    • divorce information
    • living wills, last wills and testaments
    • trust information and contact
    • inheritance records
    • power of attorney
  • Family/Personal
    • back up photos
    • back up of computer files
  • Emergency preparedness plan
  • List of emergency contacts with addresses and phone numbers

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