Collection vs Clutter

Everyone seems to have an interest in something.

This often leads to collecting, a past time of what seems like generations past, but is actually still prevalent!

But is what you are keeping a collection, or just keeping some clutter?

Marie Kondo, a #1 New York Times best-selling author of both Spark Joy and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up , approaches whether or not items give you joy, in deciding whether to keep them or send them on to another place in their life. 

Some items in your home may truly bring you joy; others, you may have forgotten the reason of why you have them in your home.

Some may have been gifts you accepted on a memorable holiday, others may be something that was passed down by someone else who had a hard time emotionally getting rid of it, so they pass on to someone as a way of easing that transition of ridding their own home of clutter. For more insight on the latter, Annie Traurig of Live Simply, writes an excellent piece on releasing items we feel guilt in removing from our home, Difficult Decluttering: But It Was A GiftIn it, she offers, "Giving away the gift is in the case the best way to honor whoever gave you the present." What a way to look at it....!

Is it time to declutter, and pass the love on?

Do you have things you want to find a new place for?

Ditch the guilt and the clutter by knowing your items may find a special spot in someone else's home. The following websites can be a starting point to find a new home for clutter in your life:

Salvation Army

Habitat For Humanity (ReStores)


Donation Town (If you have items to donate but not sure where to start!)


So what do you think? Do you have a collection... or clutter?

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