Can I have Chickens in Chesapeake VA?


According to The Hampton Roads Hens you can keep Chickens in your yard in Chesapeake VA. 

Here are the Rules as we have them; According to the Hens Chesapeake allows 6 hens, no roosters, no slaughter and the chickens must be cooped all the time. 

The coop must be back 5 feet from the property line. You do not have to privacy fence your back yard either. WHO KNEW??? 

Want to learn more about Chickens in your community? Join the Hens or better yet contact your city government to verify everything you read in this post and online. =)

Below are direct links to the Cities:
Virginia Beach
Chesapeake VA
Suffolk VA

We hope you enjoyed this little bit of fun information about Suburban Chickens in Hampton Roads!

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Happy Monday!

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