9 Life Hacks For Your Smartphone

 Pretty much everyone has a smartphone, but the question is, does everyone know how to maximize what their smart phone is actually capable of? Below are some life hacks that will make life with your smartphone even better!
1.    Automate Android Functions with Tasker 

Wouldn't it be nice if your phone were smart enough to silence itself when you walked into church or a meeting? Android application Tasker gives you total rules-based automation for your Android phone! Now that’s a “smart” phone.

2. Battery Getting Low?

For most smartphones, switching to airplane mode will extend your battery life – an especially useful trick when you’re going out of signal range anyway.

Some phones have an “Ultra Power Saving Mode.” This switches your phone screen to black and white, and turns off all background features so you don’t have to stress about getting to a charger. Unlike with airplane mode, this mode still lets you make and receive calls!

3. Glass Is Half Full…With Your Phone!

Putting your smartphone in an empty glass or bowl will help to amplify your music! Save money on those phone tacky speakers and other expensive alternatives. Run to the kitchen cabinet and get the party started!

4. Did I Really Leave That Voicemail?

Press “#” to delete it.

It happens to everyone. You start talking and then you lose your thought and start babbling none-sense. Pressing the “#” key on your phone prompts your phone to repeat your message to you before sending it. Delete it and record a new one. Your welcome.

5.  Pop-Ups Getting You Down?

 Block them!

Turn on “Airplane Mode” on your phone. This blocks those irritating pop-up ads that make games and apps a drag to play.

6. Lost And Found

Make your contact information your lock-screen wallpaper!

Write down your name, a number to reach you (not yours) and address, take a picture of this and make it your wallpaper. It will ultimately be in the hands of whoever finds your phone, but maybe by seeing your contact information, they will return it!

7. Need More Zoom?

You can use binoculars as a zoom lens for your phone by placing them right in front of your phone’s camera lens. Too cool!

8. Need Some Light Reflection?

Are you trying to do some photography on your phone, but the lighting is just not right? A dashboard protector makes a great improvised lighting tool!

9. Flash On Your Phone Not Cutting It?

Have your friend hold their phone's flashlight in front of what you're trying to shoot for extra lighting and brighter photos!

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