5 Reasons You Need To Pick A Local Real Estate Firm

 Most successful small firms exist in small- to medium-sized marketplaces where they present a unique offering. Small firms usually specialize in their area and with certain needs. This is what we offer at The PerfectHouse Team at Rose & Womble Realty. We have many specializations that include waterfront properties, military relocation, and even homes with acreage! Being that we are the #1 Real Estate Team at the #1 Real Estate Firm in Hampton Roads, we are very selective with the REALTORS® we have on our team. You will have the best possible professionals working with you to sell your property!





1. When with a smaller firm (i.e. Perfecthouse Team) you don't get passed off to anyone!

2. Personal one-on-one consultations and meetings about everything. 

3. Our agents get to know your likes/dislikes to ensure you're happy with the process. 

4. Fees are negotiable and looked at on a individual basis and needs. 

5. Everything is custom, from online Marketing, down to the flyers in the home!


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