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4 Things To Look For In A New Home

Posted by on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 at 6:24pm.

Looking for a new home?

4 Things To Look For In A New Home...


Manageable Monthly Expenses:

If you’ve been renting all your adult life, you’ll be surprised by how much owning a home actually costs. Make sure your final choice truly fits your budget comfortably.


Low Maintenance:

Maintenance costs are the great unknown in homeownership, the older the house, the more it will cost to keep running. Here you have two options: be ready to learn handy household skills, or buy a newer home that is lower maintenance!




Room To Grow:

Use that purchase power to buy space, which is much more important than fancy finishes. You can always upgrade a drab kitchen and knock out a wall to create an open floor plan. But adding more square footage by popping the roof or pushing out an exterior wall is extremely expensive and a major hassle.



 Easy Transition:

Change is hard, and moving is particularly stressful. So don’t pick a starter home that will drop you into a totally unfamiliar lifestyle and location far away from the people and activities you love.

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