22 insights about Virginia Beach for those moving to the area

22 things to know about Virginia Beach...


1. This Place Is Bigger Than You Think

Virginia might be in Guinness as having the longest pleasure beach in the world, but at 250 square miles, the city itself goes well beyond the beach


2. Virginia Is For Lovers

Virginia might have recently changed its slogan to “Live The Life,” but it still is and always will be for lovers. One of VA Beach’s best qualities is that along with being a great destination for families, it’s also romantic


3. The Military Is Everywhere

There are several military bases in and around the metropolitan area of VA Beach, including the U.S. Navy’s Naval Air Station Oceana, which is the largest employer in the city


4. Everybody Gone Surfin' East Coast U.S.A

The East Coast doesn’t have the huge surfing scene that the West Coast does, which makes the East Coast Surfing Championships even more exciting

5. Virginia Beach Is A Volleyball Mecca

Virginia Beach is home to one of the largest volleyball followings around. It hosts several organizations like Tidewater Volleyball Association and Volleyball Virginia offering competitive games for pros and amateurs

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