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April 2019

Found 3 blog entries for April 2019.

The TRUTH can be a scary thing!!!! Your friends and family are indeed IN DANGER of bad advice, in dealing with an agent who is ONLY trying to get them to the closing table.   Tell them to INTERVIEW multiple agents, whether buying or selling, and to NOT just go with "the first agent someone told me about" or otherwise "saw on the internet"...   The agent you choose MATTERS... ESPECIALLY in regards to the LARGEST financial transaction a person (or family) will make in their lifetime.   Got questions? Ask away! We're always available whether by text or call (757.335.6111), email ( or messaging on our social media platforms... AND GUESS WHAT? You'll speak to a REAL LIVE…
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A huge thank you to our friends over at Brick Kicker Home Inspections, for this excellent write-up on looking for the differences between these two pests!!!!


Swarming season is almost upon us, and it can be fairly difficult for the untrained eye to make the distinction between termites and flying ants. Knowing the difference the two could potentially save a homeowner time and money, as the treatment cost for termites is roughly four times more expensive than for flying ants. This is due to termite treatments warranting a more extensive application method, and price disparity in the chemicals used to treat.

Termite swarmers have straight antennae that appear to be made of tiny beads, a broad waist, and two sets of equal length wings. 

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Save your friends the hassle and nightmares from the aftermath of working with "whatever agent" they found on Google!   Tell them BEFOREHAND that the real estate agent you choose MATTERS... Because it absolutely DOES.   Buying or selling home is often the LARGEST financial transaction that you will deal with in your lifetime. THAT IS A HUGE PART OF YOUR LIFE, financially and emotionally. Don't settle for the first name you see on Google, the jingle on the radio, or the business card you pulled at the Chinese restaurant on your way out with your weekly crab rangoon order (we're not judging!)... We won't knock on those big marketing budgets, but we do want people to know that the biggest names don't always get there because they…
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