2018: Summer of Flight - Military Aviation Musem - PUNGO

One of the best kept secrets here in the 757 is the Military Aviation Museum. Be sure to check out their website, www.militaryaviationmuseum.org, to find out more information about their events. They keep a full calendar, so you'll be sure to find something going on there on nearly a weekly basis!

This year's "Summer of Flight" includes the following scheduled events:

Fee: Summer of Flight is included in your general museum admission, free for museum members!

Schedule: Each Summer of Flight event starts at 1pm. Flights, Aircraft and Topics subject to change.

  • May 26th – Dunkirk Evacuation Begins – Featuring Supermarine Spitfire

  • June 2nd – Battle of Midway – Featuring Grumman Wildcat & PBY Catalina (taxi only)*

  • June 9th – D-Day Invasion – Featuring North American P-51 Mustang

  • June 16th – Flying Proms Symphony Air Show – No Summer of Flight Event

  • June 23rd – Operation Barbarossa – Featuring Junkers JU-52 Guest Speaker: Christopher Kolakowski, Director, The MacArthur Memorial

  • June 30th – End of the Fokker Scourge – Featuring Sopwith 1½ Strutter

  • July 7th – The Fokker Scourge Begins – Fokker Eindecker, featuring guest speaker, Boom Powell

  • July 14th – Skyraider in Korea – Douglas AD-4 Skyraider, featuring guest speaker, Dennis Evans

  • July 21st – Exhibit Opening – Snoopy & The Red Baron – Featuring Fokker DR1, featuring guest speaker, Jonathon Lichtenstein

  • July 28th –Battle of Midway – Featuring Grumman Wildcat & PBY Catalina (taxi only), featuring guest speaker, Dr. Timothy Orr, ODU

  • August 4th – Talking Planes & First Communications – Featuring Curtiss Jenny JN-4, featuring guest speaker, Jonathon Lichtenstein

  • August 11 – Invasion of Guadalcanal – Featuring Grumman Wildcat, featuring guest speakers, Jim Metcalfe & Lynn Heinze

  • August 18th – Battle of Stalingrad Begins – Featuring Fockewulf Fw 190, featuring guest speaker, Skip Johnson

  • August 25th – The First Air Races – Featuring Bleriot 12, featuring guest speaker, Jonathon Lichtenstein

  • September 1st – Japan Surrenders – Featuring Goodyear FG-1D Corsair, featuring guest speaker, Ed Dillingham

  • September 8th - Invasion of Sicily – Curtiss P-40, featuring guest speaker, Bill Murray

  • September 15th – Battle of Britain Day – Hawker Hurricane and Messerschmitt bf109, featuring guest speaker, Mike Ganoe Jr

  • September 22nd – The World’s First Operational Jet – Featuring Messerschmidt ME-262 (flyover only), featuring guest speaker, Dave Gayton

  • September 29th – To Be Announced



Are you a history buff, particularly military history? Be sure to check this place out--- you won't regret it!

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