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August 2017

Found 9 blog entries for August 2017.

We hear all about them as a storm rolls near, but what's the actual story on the National Hurricane Center? Find out below....! Image of the National Hurricane Center

The National Hurricane Center is co-located with the National Weather Service Miami-South Florida Weather Forecast Office on the campus of Florida International University in Miami, Florida. 

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is a component of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) located at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. The NHC mission is to save lives, mitigate property loss, and improve economic efficiency by issuing the best watches, warnings, forecasts, and analyses of hazardous tropical weather and by increasing understanding of these hazards. The NHC vision is to

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As homeowners, we often don't pay attention to things that can affect us when we aren't thinking about it....

Now's the time to really pay attention to what's going on as far as flood insurance goes.


It's one month before the NFIP is set to expire and a few days before new weather-related claims rules start in Texas   Key Takeaways
  • The federal flood insurance program is set to expire at the end of September; if it does, homeowners with federally insured loans in high-risk flood areas will be affected first.
  • Houston homeowners should get their insurance claims filed before Friday, if possible.

Harvey’s timing couldn’t be more interesting from a legislative standpoint.

The storm

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The word "credit" often strikes fear in the hearts of many who are hoping to buy a home "one day." But your credit doesn't necessarily have to be stellar to get an approved mortgage loan. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading!


Don’t Disqualify Yourself… 52% of Approved Loans Have A FICO® Score Under 750

The results of countless studies have shown that potential home buyers, and even current homeowners, have an inflated view of what is really required to qualify for a mortgage in today’s market.

One such study by the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvaniarevealed that many millennials have not yet considered purchasing homes simply because they don’t believe they can qualify for a mortgage.

A recent article about millennials by explained that:

“About 72% of aspiring

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Alright, let's admit it, we all get a little lazy during the winter. It's cold outside and we just don't get out of the house as much. This is the PERFECT time to get some home maintenance done! We've compiled a list below of some home maintenance projects that are perfect to do during the winter! 


Clean Out Your Fridge & Freezer!

Here is how to do this efficiently and effectively... We will start with the freezer.

  1. First, you might want to grab some gloves. I know, I know, that sounds ridiculous, but trust me, you will thank me. 
  2. Next, make sure your counters are as clean as possible and free of any appliances, baskets, etc. You will need this extra space. 
  3. Now here's the fun part. Remove EVERYTHING, yes everything. Try
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We Are The #1 Real Estate Team At The #1 Real Estate Firm In Hampton Roads! 

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What Makes Our Services Different?

A lot of things.

Integrity, Building Lifelong Relationships With Our Clients,

Always Providing HONEST Advice,

and Our Professional Marketing Plan (Shown Below)...

Just to name a few. 



We do everything below to ensure

your home gets the most exposure possible.

Our past sales and overall experience proves that this plan works!


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As usual... the folks at Keeping Current Matters hit the nail right on the head with this one!


When a homeowner decides to sell their house, they obviously want the best possible price for it with the least amount of hassles along the way. However, for the vast majority of sellers, the most important result is actually getting their homes sold.


In order to accomplish all three goals, a seller should realize the importance of using a real estate professional. We realize that technology has changed the purchaser’s behavior during the home buying process. According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2016 Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers, the first step that “…44% of recent buyers took in the home buying process was to look

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So you've decided that you're ready to buy a home--- CONGRATS!!!!

It's an exciting time in your life, especially in looking at homes online and clicking through hundreds if not thousands of home listings, paring down the massive selection to the ones you think you might like if you could just set foot inside. All you've got to do is call an agent to get inside, right?

Well. You're right. Sort-of.

Here's 5 things you need to do before heading out the door to visit a home in person.

1) Talk to a real estate agent. Wait. You knew that, right? But what we're saying here is that you should be working with an agent leading up to going and viewing a home in person. You should have sat down with your agent to discuss the plan of action (which should

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For some, summer still feels like it's in full swing, but believe it or not.... it will soon be time to get that Fall checklist out! 


#1 Stow Your Mower

If you’re not familiar with fuel stabilizer, get to know it. If your mower sits for months with gas in its tank, the gas will slowly deteriorate, which can damage internal engine parts. Fuel stabilizer ($10 for a 10-ounce bottle) prevents gas from degrading.Add stabilizer to your gasoline can to keep spare gas in good condition over the winter, and top off your mower tank with stabilized gas before you put it away for the winter. Run the mower for five minutes to make sure the stabilizer reaches the carburetor.

Another lawn mower care method is to run your mower dry before stowing it.

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  We all love our pets...or as some us like to call them..fur babies. Moving can be stressful for everyone, even your beloved pets. Additionally, there is the added stress to sell your home to home buyers and dealing with pets may add some extra unknowns. So here are some quick tips to make the process smooth and successful for everyone!  

1. Talk To Your Agent About Your Pet

You and your agent have to be on the same page! Let them know you have a pet if they didn't already. This will be important for them to add to the listing information for other agents who may show the home. Your agent needs to know if your pet is friendly, when they will be home, if they will be crated, what room they will be in, etc. 

2. Talk To Your Veternarian

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