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May 2017

Found 3 blog entries for May 2017.

What’s the true cost of buying a home?

When you shop for clothes or groceries, you can usually rely on the price tag as a fairly accurate predictor of what you’ll be paying in the checkout line. With real estate, what you see as the bottom line at first is rarely — if ever — what you ultimately pay. In fact, your new home comes with a never-ending invoice of expenses that can add up extraordinarily fast.

The hidden costs of ownership can be crippling if you’re not prepared. Here’s what you need to know in order to avoid the financial pitfalls.

1. Loan Origination Fee

Loan officers don’t determine your eligibility for free. Your mortgage company may charge somewhere between 0.5–1.0 percent of your total loan amount to cover administrative work

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Spring cleaning shouldn't be the only thing you've got on your list--- now is the time to check out all the nooks and crannies of your home and see what has settled, aged, leaked or change otherwise at all in the last year.

And while we like to think of these as things we do in the home we own, be sure to look over your property as best you can when you are a landlord as well, to try and circumvent surprises popping up later!

Before you get lost in the weeds on how overwhelming that may seem, check out this great list you can check off as you go along:

 Too many homeowners believe spring maintenance is all about the cleaning. Sure, spring cleaning comprises a big chunk of any spring home maintenance schedule, but maintenance aimed at various

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Agents can save sellers time, money, liability and hassle

    Key Takeaways
  • FSBOs are more costly than homeowners realize -- including lower sales prices and hidden fees.
  • Selling a home is a complicated transaction -- sellers and buyers alike can get burned with FSBOs.
  • Time costs money -- a FSBO costs the seller valuable time, and it takes longer to sell.
1. Scams happen

Judy (not her real name) in Raleigh, North Carolina, fell in love with a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) home. She agreed not to use an agent and paid the homeowner $3,000 in earnest money.

Then the homeowner changed his mind. With no contract signed and no receipt, Judy lost all her earnest money. She trusted the

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