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August 2016

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We love helping families with the biggest transitions in their life! Which is why we put together a list of some tips on how to help your Realtor help you!


1. Ask questions! We love having personal relationships with our clients and communication is key in a successful transaction.


2. Trust us! We are experts, we have been doing this for many years. When we say that your orange and green floral wallpaper is bringing down the value of your home, trust us. We won't steer you wrong, we want you to get the most money for the sale of your home.

3. Allow us the opportunity to hold open houses while you go out for the day. Open houses are a great way to bring in potential buyers and get your home exposure. We know it

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This Would Be The Perfect Snack For Your Next Get-Together With Family And Friends!

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1 loaf whole wheat bread

500 grams low moisture mozzarella, cut into about twenty slices (or Tasty Miam suggests Emmental cheese)

200 grams grated white cheddar (or Tasty Miam suggests comte cheese)

Salt and pepper, to taste

A handful chopped parsley

3 tablespoons melted butter



1. Preheat oven to 400˚F/200˚C. 

2. Cut the bread diagonally to form diamond shapes, making sure not to cut all the way down to the base of the bread.

3. Place the slices of mozzarella between cuts.

4. Cover with grated cheddar.

5. Sprinkle parsley and melted

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Moving into your new home is exciting, but our relationship with our clients doesn't stop at the closing table. This is why WE wanted to bring you the three things every homeowner should do when they move into a home. We got the idea from American Lifestyle Magazine.


1. Get Out of Too Much Hot Water

Save some serious money on energy by checking the temperature of the hot water heater when you move in. Set it to 120F, and invest in a water heater blanket. This will save you money.

New To The Area?! Click Here To Visit Our Local Guide For Restaurants, Museums, And More! 

2. Invest In Duct Cleaning

If you can do this before moving in even better! Having a professional duct cleaning service go through your HVAC and dryer vents

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For some parents, back to school shopping can be a nightmare, but we are here to tell you it doesn’t have to be! We offer some ideas on shopping strategies, parenting tips, and money saving tips for your back to school adventures!


1.       Before you do any shopping, raid your child’s closet!

This allows for you to find what you want to keep and what you want to either throw out (worn and torn) or donate/sell (gently used).  You also need to pick out the clothes your child simply doesn’t wear. TIP: To know which clothes they haven’t worn in a long time, at the beginning of the school year, put all the hangers on the rack backwards. If a hanger is still backwards by the time the next school year rolls around, you’ll know it is something you

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1. Not Interviewing More Than One Full Time Licensed Realtor

Yes...We even want to you interview us! Most home buyers place an enormous amount of Trust in the first total stranger that they speak to, that is scary! Many ads for homes are sponsored and the agent that responds may not have the best experience level, or they are part of a "Lead Factory" type of brokerage that only cares about how fast they can get a buyer to closing.

Shopping for your life's largest investment needs to be done right. It starts with the professional that will guide you through this complex personal and financial process. Online endorsements, personal interview, consultation, and verifiable reference should be checked.  It's important to "Like" your agent,

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Four 5" Squares Of Yellow And Orange Tissue Paper (4 Yellow & 4 Orange)

Toilet Paper Tube

Flameless Tea Light

Orange Cupcake Liners

Gold Paint

Paint Brush

Tacky Glue


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First paint the toilet paper tube gold and let it dry. Then glue the cupcake liner onto the top of the tube.

Cut the yellow and orange tissue paper into approximately 5″ squares – you don’t need to be exact. I cut one corner of the tissue paper off and lined that edge up with the bottom of the tea light. That way it was not hanging over the bottom of the tea light.

Apply a little glue to the edges of the tea light and layer the tissue paper around the

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