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May 2015

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Moving into your new home is exciting, but our relationship with our clients doesn't stop at the closing table. This is why we wanted to bring you the three things every homeowner should do when they move into a home. We got the idea from American Lifestyle Magazine.

1. Get Out of Too Much Hot Water

Save some serious money on energy by checking the temperature of the hot water heater when you move in. Set it to 120F, and invest in a water heater blanket. This will save you money.

2. Invest in duct cleaning

If you can do this before moving in even better, but having a professional duct cleaning service go through your HVAC and dryer vents is really important. You could be breathing old germs from the former owners. Also getting the dry vent

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five tips for unplugging on vacation

The PerfectHouse Team has a stable of lenders and service providers because we believe in your freedom of choice. Unlike other real estate firms or teams that try to force their customers to use only one lender, we want our service providers to be able to earn your trust and your business.

Dave Michaud from Union Mortgage Group, shared his great advice on how to really unplug and spend time with family - especially on vacation.

One of the purposes of our team is to provide the opportunity for our team members to take time off and know their clients are supported. It allows our team members to come back focused and refreshed, so we loved the tips Dave gave in this outstanding blog post.

 5 Tips for Unplugging During Your Vacation


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