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November 2014

Found 4 blog entries for November 2014.

Creating a Red File For Your Important Documents

No one likes to think about a major disaster that displaces you from your home. Yet it is important to prepare for the worse - especially because things like bills won't necessarily stop because you're in a crisis. That's why we really like this "red file" idea - one place where all your important documents are held. You should keep this in a fireproof safe as if there is a fire you need to get your family out and also because you want access to information but others should not have it.

Also, remember while many of these items can be found via the internet sometimes computers and power could be down for several days. Having these back ups can help make recovering easier.



You'll need:

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     The old saying goes "You never live anywhere for free" is true unless you are still at home with your parents. Many do not own their home for fear of obligation or perceived risk of having a mortgage. 
    Fear of obligation may be misplaced because a lease is still a mortgage. A key difference is, even if you discount the more favorable income tax deductions for owning is that over time ownership provides a foundation for a families overall financial plan. Payments to the principle balance and increase in a home's value reward a home owner with Equity. Renters are paying a mortgage for a landlord and the landlord receives the equity and it can increase their wealth over time.

    There are limits, but at retirement home equity can be accessed tax free…
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    It's a small way to say thanks for all that our brave veterans have done for us, but we wanted to make sure all our Veterans knew about all the deals available to them this Veterans' Day. Unless stated you MUST show proof of service and all discounts will happen on Tuesday, November 11th.

    Local Attractions
    • Colonial Williamsburg - offering Free Admission tickets to active duty military, guard, reservists, retirees, veterans and their dependents.
    • Historic Jamestown and Yorktown Battlefield - Free Admission to all active duty, reserve, retired, veterans, and their dependents. You'll need to show a military id at the Visitor Services Center to get this offer.
    • Virginia Air & Space Center - Free Admission to Retired Military and
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      *** This blog post originally comes from KCM but we agree with everything in this. Asking yourself the question about why you're buying a home really helps you navigate the process. You know what else helps? Having a great partner like The PerfectHouse Team on your side to help with every single step.***

    If you are thinking about purchasing a home right now, you are surely getting a lot of advice. Though your friends and family have your best interests at heart, they may not be fully aware of your needs and what is currently happening in real estate. Let’s look at whether or not now is actually a good time for you to buy a home.
    There are three questions you should ask before purchasing in today’s market: 

    1. Why am I buying a home in the first

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