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June 2014

Found 6 blog entries for June 2014.

  With Hampton Roads being such a strong military area there are many companies who claim to offer the best rebate programs for purchasing a house.  We KNOW we offer a superior choice for you . . . one that doesn't have limits or forces you to use only one particular agent.     All Military qualify for a superior benefits package to any program offered by USAA or Navy Federal (NFCU). Active Duty, Retired, officer or enlisted and honorably discharged, you are qualified. We can never repay the sacrifices your family makes to keep America safe. These extra benefits are our way of saying “We Honor You & Your Family” 


You didn't limit your service so why are companies limiting your rewards?   Buyer’s & Sellers, You deserve a larger…
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 We want to congratulate Jay and Mallory on their home purchase!  Our agent Angee Kent was there every step of the way including the closing with Advance Title and Abstract.
There are many reasons why we do what we do - but this moment when we help families find their PerfectHouse is the best one.

When you're ready to find your PerfectHouse call us at 757-335-6111 and we can get you on the path to your new home.

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    All Cash Offers are on the rise nationwide according to a recent Washington Post Article.     As All Cash offers become more common here in Hampton Roads you may be wondering:   Is a Cash Offer Better for a Seller in Today's Market Conditions?    We will address this from both Buyer and Seller positions in two separate posts.  Today we'll go over the Sellers' side.    Seller Considerations:    "Cash is King" as the saying goes but is it always in your best interest to take a cash offer verses one subject to conforming financing options such as VA, FHA or Conventional mortgages? Let's weigh some of the pro's and cons.   
  • Pro: A Valid cash offer may be able to close faster than an offer subject to
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The PerfectHouse Team - all of these people are working together to get
listings sold throughout Hampton Roads.

One of the benefits of working as a real estate team is the support our agents receive throughout the listing process.  And you as the client get the benefit of a group of professional PerfectHouse REALTORS® who have been trained, mentored, and guided to a higher standard of the practice of real estate.

Unlike a single real estate agent, we are a team focused on your Sale. As your REALTOR®, The PerfectHouse Team will determine the correct price range for your home, review staging opportunities, professionally photograph your home, create a complete Virtual Tour, share and execute a 24/7 specific marketing plan to…
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We at The PerfectHouse tend to do things very differently - in fact you might call us weirdos.

We're okay with that.

We want to be different - to stand out from the crowd - because that's when you change an industry.

And we don't want to keep it a secret like some of our competitors.

One of the biggest ways we like to be completely and ridiculously different is in the way we open houses. 

You see most agents in the market look at an Open House as a way to make them money - and not as a way to showcase YOUR HOUSE.  We instead believe its important to do the following:

  • We invite the neighbors because honestly one of the best ways to get your house sold is for an agent not be shy and timid but to be friendly.  Your neighbors might know of
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There are three main factors that determine how marketable your home is—price, financing, and time.    Price - If your home is priced too high, you must be willing to wait much longer for your home to sell. Either it will take that much longer to find someone to pay more than the home is worth, or the market will eventually catch up to the asking price of the home through inflation.    Financing - You may not realize it, but the financing of your buyer can have a tremendous impact on the success of selling your home. Try to offer very attractive financing options. Consider carrying the financing yourself at a below-market interest rate or preparing your home for government financing. This could open the door for many buyers that…
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