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March 2014

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  Coming this April Virginia Beach will have it's own Shooting Academy and indoor target range. The location will be at the former Bloom Brother's furniture store at the corner of Witchduck Road and Virginia Beach Blvd. The address is 5070 Virginia Beach Boulevard at Witchduck Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 | 855.610.2666.
While not everyone may be enthused about another gun store or indoor shooting range, there has been a need in the area for some time. The few existing ranges are decent but quite dated and usually very crowded. Leaving some folks that would like to get more education and experience in firearms safety and self defense with few options.        This new local business will offer Fire Arms Safety Education,…
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  If you are like most people here, you and your home had a rough winter.  Ice, Snow, Rain and temperature fluctuations from one day to the next take a toll on a home.  Preventative maintenance is always a better investment of time and money than differed maintenance. 
A quick walk around your home may reveal opportunities to avoid a costly repair in the future. Your roof , siding, caulking, heating and cooling systems and plumbing were all put under an extraordinary load these past few months. I'd like to share a few things you may want to check on above and beyond the normal "Spring Cleaning" list.    Roof/Siding Leaks: You may have a newer roof that is in great shape but snow and ice can have different effects on how water…
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    Uncertainty breeds confusion and interrupts our ability to access Risk vs. Reward.
It's really not complicated, inject uncertainty in to any market and you upset the natural balance of Supply & Demand. Currently, uncertainty is at an all time high at almost every level in most households.
                                                                                   In My opinion the single largest risk to our Hampton Roads Real Estate Market is shared by both Home Buyers and Home Sellers.   The Wild Card that is creating serious risk are Mortgage Interest Rates. Rate Changes are the anvil hanging over the head of our local recovery. History can be our guide, over the past 30 years when mortgage rates come off of low rate…
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We pride ourselves in professional real estate marketing and the only thing we love more than meeting new friends at our Open House events is Good Food! 


Each PerfectHouse open house this Saturday will have refreshments served. There will be a grand finale’ at 1360 Marshal Lane in Virginia Beach with a full pit BBQ from 12PM-4PM.

Everyone is invited to our teams Open House Real Estate Tour this coming Saturday March 15th.  


1360 Marshall Lane, Virginia Beach 12p - 4p with host Donna Laurens , Pamela Laurens

5742 Luck Lane, Virginia Beach  1p - 3p with host Angee Kent

1801 Coker Court, Virginia Beach  1p - 4p with host Terese McKiernan

2252 Angler Lane, Chesapeake   1p - 3p with host Kelly Gargiulo

3905 Van Ness,

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"Home Security, It's never a problem until it's too prepared"  During a Home sale or purchase there is a lot going on and often Home Security is overlooked as we focus on other factors in and around the home.
The PerfectHouse Team often recommends that our clients compare security options and put in place a monitoring system of some sort to protect their home and family's safety.   

Please check out BOTH videos below.  The first one has been around for a little while, but the second video includes what you can do to protect yourself.  

CLICK TO WATCH: Breaking Into a Garage in 6 Seconds...

CLICK TO WATCH: How To Prevent the 6 Second Garage Door Break…
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