Sometimes the awesome reviews we receive from our clients skirt the line of letting out our secret recipe of HOW WE GET STUFF DONE. Should we be concerned? Nah. In all truth, what we do as The Perfect House Team is often imitated, but never actually duplicated? Why? Because we work hard to sell you home, by putting tons of work up front before a sign ever goes in your yard. Some of our competition may think they have what it takes to follow through with this game plan--- and if they did, we wouldn't even be mad! Our goal is to educate our clients AND other agents in the area on the RIGHT WAY to sell a house.

So if you're a seller--- this is what you would WANT your selling agent to do.

If you're an agent--- take notes. We would LOVE for you to take incredible care of your clients. Every seller deserves service like this!


"Charlie and Donna Laurens are the absolute best!

First impression: We contacted Charlie and he got right back to us when we started thinking about selling our home. He checked in a few times before we even met because we were busy and hadn't scheduled a time to meet them.

The night we met Charlie and Donna, they came to our house and immediately we knew they were good people- professional, but kind, funny, and personable. Our 2-year-old took to Donna and climbed in her lap within an hour of them being at our house which is unusual for her. They previewed our home and told us what the home-selling process would be like (it was our first home). We scheduled the second meeting with them where they would present a complete market analysis.

Second meeting- Market analysis: Charlie has over 20 years of real estate experience and experience in sales and management, and his attention to detail really showed. Charlie pulled all of the comps that had sold recently and were currently listed, as well as other reports so that he could evaluate the price range we could sell our house for. He had a detailed formula for how he came up with the numbers he gave us, and we felt confident in his “appraisal” when we listed. We didn’t worry that our house wouldn’t sell!

Pre-listing: Before listing our home, we had lots of conversations with Charlie and Donna and she even came over to help go through what needed to be done to our home before we listed it. Donna is a buyers agent and really knows the mindset of her clients and what they are looking for. Having her perspective as a seller made a huge difference in how our home looked when we staged it to sell. Charlie recommended contractors and professionals he knew and worked with so that items that needed to be fixed, updated, or replaced were taken care of before we listed our home. He even had us schedule an inspection to look under our home so that we could be sure there were no issues. When we listed, we felt at ease that there would be no surprises at the home inspection.

Listing: We set a flexible listing date of March 31st so that we had a goal. Once our house was ready, Charlie and Donna did another walk-through to see how we had made repairs as well as how we staged the home. We really respected their professional advice, so we were sure to follow it and make all of their recommended repairs and changes as they came up. They paid for excellent photography, which looked great on the MLS listing. We were truly impressed! They also pay for beautiful glossy, full-color brochures to hand out, although I don’t remember if I saw ours because our home sold so fast!

Sale: We listed on a Thursday evening, and because of logistics started having showings on Friday morning. By Saturday evening, we had already had over a dozen showings and 4 offers on our house. Charlie did all of the negotiating and on Sunday presented us with the offers, their terms, and a net sheet that gave us an estimated amount we would net based on the various offers. All we had to do was pick one and sign!

After going under contract, he took care of all of the questions we and the buyers had, and made sure the inspection and everything else was taken care of in a timely matter. We even needed our trash cans brought inside while we were gone, and Charlie was happy to take care of it for us. We truly LOVED working with Charlie and Donna and all of The Perfect House Team! They were professional, responsive, and friendly, and we were at ease knowing that they would work really hard to sell our house. As Charlie said, he wouldn’t just stick a sign in our yard and hope we sold. He actively worked to sell our home.

Selling a home takes time, work, energy, and  certainly is not for the faint of heart, but with Charlie and Donna on your side, you will have the best possible outcome. We now think of Charlie and Donna as friends (or adopted “uncle and aunt”) who know us really well and have our best interests at heart.

We highly recommend Charlie and Donna!"


Of course, we could say we're the best in the area, but truly we ask that every seller (and buyer!) interview MULTIPLE AGENTS before choosing the one to sell (or buy!) their home with. 

Ready to have a talk? Reach out to us any way you'd like, call or text us direct 757-335-6111, email us at [email protected]comment below or on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!

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